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Scientific sessions will be held at Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeosciences (BSIP), Lucknow. In the conference we aim to host various scientific sessions related to wide-ranging aspects of Dendrochronology. (Subjected to further changes)

Dendroclimatology: Past climate variability known from tree-rings

Tropical Dendrochronology: Where does tree ring studies stand in the tropics?

Wood Anatomy: The inside story of wood for Dendrochronology

Dendrohydrology: The extremities of hydroclimatic variations

Tree-line Dendrochronology: Towards the limits of mountain vegetation

Forest and Fire Ecology: Understanding the forests ecosystem through tree-rings

Tree-rings and Isotopes: Their amalgamation and linkages

Dendrochronology in non-traditional species: Challenges and Opportunities

New methodologies and complication in tree-ring analysis: Advances and recent developments

Encompassing tree-rings with low-resolution proxies: A multi-proxy approach

Linking tree-rings with the world oceans: Tele-connections originating in the blue world.

Tree-ring network studies: Spatio-temporal connections of tree-rings 

Environmental pollution & Agriculture Productivity: Do tree-rings record its signature?

Fossil wood: Emphasis on tree growth

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