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Dr. Ratan Kar

Dr. Ratan Kar

Scientist 'E'

Specialisation in Palynology:Has worked on a wide range of problems of varying ages and areas which involve the use of palynofossils for their resolution, such as Gondwana sediments (Permiam-Triassic), Deccan Intertrappean beds (Late Cretaceous-Early Palaeocene) and Quaternary fluvio-glacial & lacustrine deposits of the Higher Himalayas and the Polar Region.


Sponsored Projects: Has been awarded a number of sponsored projects, such as-

  • DST sponsored Young Scientist Fast-Track Project on the Deccen intertrappeans – Palynological, Biopetrological and Dispersed Organic Matter (DOM) study of Deccan Intertrappean sediments with reference to Cretaceous-Tertiary (K-T) transition.
  • CSIR Pool Officer Project on Chaurabari Glacier, Kedarnath – Palynological studies around Chaurabari Glacier (Kedarnath) with reference to climatic changes and glacial fluctuations during Holocene.
  • DST sponsored pilot project on Glaciology – Palynology and sediment-geochemistry of Hamtah (Lahaul-Spiti) and Chaurabari (Kedarnath) glacier deposits: an investigation of high-altitude climate variability during Holocene.
  • DST sponsored project under Climate Change Programme – Analysis of climatic changes during the Quaternary from glacial sites in India based on multi proxy data.

Polar Project (Institutional): Deciphering the Quaternary climatic history of the Polar Regions: Multi-proxy studies from Larsemann Hills (Antarctica) and Svalbard (Arctic).

  • Visited Arctic three times.Team Leader in 2011 (Summer Batch-III).
  • Visited Antarctica during 2015-2016 (Summer Batch)


  • ‘Dr. Pratul Chandra Bhandari Gold Medal-1997’, for best work under Birbal Sahni Research Scholar Category.
  • TWAS Fellowship for working in the Institute of Botany, CAS, Beijing (2013).
  • Member, Terrestrial Working Group, Intl. Arctic Science Committee (2012-2015).

Ph.D. Supervision: Two (one submitted; one continuing)

Publications: 42 (26 in Impact Factor Journals).

CV and Publications (PDF)

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