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Dr. (Mrs.) Vandana Prasad


Dr. (Mrs.) Vandana Prasad



Research Interest:
  • Evolutionary biology (early history of grasses)
  • High resolution biostratigraphy, biotic turnover, paleoenvironment and relative sea level change during Late Cretaceous-early Palaeogene (Dinoflagellate cysts, Palynofacies).
  • Quaternary palaeoclimatic studies using Dinoflagellate cysts, Palynofacies and Phytolith proxies.

1. Characterization of sub environments for interpretation of paleoenvironment and process driven changes in coastal setting.
2. Climate-culture relationship during mid Holocene.


1. Visiting Scientist, Institute of Geology, University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, France, May-July, 1998.
2. Meritorious Abstract award for the paper entitled “Phytoliths as indicators of monsoonal variability during Mid-Late Holocene in Mainland Gujarat, Western India”, PAGES 2nd Open Science Meeting, Beijing, China in August 2005.
3. Awarded „Diamond Jubilee Medal-2006 & Citation‟ by the BSIP for publishing papers of high quality in Refereed Journals.
4. Selected to attend 1st In-House Science Meet of the Autonomous Institutions under DST to present outstanding contribution in Paleoboatny held at Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advance Scientific Research, Bangalore, September 23-24, 2006.
5. Invited to be a member of the Indian delegation team of young scientist to participate in the 2nd Indo-American frontiers of Science symposium organized by Indo-U.S Science and Technology Forum in partnership with the U.S. National Academy of Sciences to present outstanding contribution Irvine, California, January 2007.
6. Best Poster Award on“Phytoplankton variability in Harshad Estuary, Saurashtra Coast and its implications in palaeomonsoonal fluctuations at „XXI Indian Colloquium on Micropalaeontology and Stratigraphy‟,BSIP, Lucknow November 2007.
7. Awarded Smithsonian Fellowship to undertake “comparative study of low latitude Palaeogene flora of India and South American subcontinents” at Smithsonian tropical Research institute, Panama, (May- June, 2007).
8. Nodal person in conducting a International Earth Science Olympiad entrance exam for college students in Lucknow (January, 2010).
9. Expert member in the DST Earth Science Fast Track programme for Young Scientist (2012-2015).
10. Nominated as guide for Summer Research Fellowship Programme (Inspire/Kvyp) 2012, jointly sponsored by the three national science Academies of the country.
11. Research paper awarded Prof S. K Singh Memorial Gold Medal for Best paper published in the journal of Paleontological Society, India for 2012.
12. Member in the Indian delegation team to attend Indo-German workshop on ‘Environmental challenges in Asia at GeoForschungs Zentrum Potsdam, 14-17 January, 2013, sponsored by DST and DFG.

Memberships of professional societies:
Life member, Paleobotanical Society of India
Life Member, Palaeontological Society of India
Member of NECLIME (Neogene Climate Evolution in Eurasia)

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