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Professor Birbal Sahni, FRS, and a great visionary, established the Institute as Institute of Palaeobotany in the year 1946...
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Prof. Birbal Sahni, FRS

Founder BSIP
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Prof. Mahesh G. Thakkar

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Research Highlights

Pradhan, S., Mishra, D. Aggarwal, N.* and Goswami, S., 2024. Assessment of the source rock potential in the Sirka and Giddi collieries of South Karanapura coalfield, Jharkhand, India: Insights from megaflora, palynology, and geochemistry. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences-X, 12: 100181     View PDF

Prachita Arora, Sheikh Nawaz Ali, Priyanka Singh, Mayank Shekhar, P. Morthekai, Ruby Ghosh, and Pyarimohan Maharana. 2024. An assessment of the correlations and causations of palaeo-hydroclimatic variability in India’s monsoon-dominated Central Himalaya. The Holocene     View PDF

Quamar MF, Kar R, Thakur B. 2024. Modern pollen and non-pollen palynomorphs from sub-tropical central India: Discerning anthropogenic signal in surface pollen assemblages. Grana DOI: 10.1080/00173134.2024.2350537     View PDF

Chaddha, A.S.* , Sharma, A.* , Singh, N.K., Ali, S. N., Das, P.K., Pandey, S.K., Phartiyal, B., Kumar, S. (2024) Exploring the astrobiological potential of rock varnish from a Mars analogue field site of Ladakh, India. Planetary and Space Science, 248: 105932.     View PDF

Binita Phartiyal, Arvind Tiwari, Masud Kawsar, M.C. Manoj, Mayank Shekhar, Nawaz Ali, Ravi Bhushan, Rujal R. Pachchigar, Anurag Kumar, Prasanna K and Anupam Sharma. 2024. Millennial to centennial scale climate oscillations since 15000 cal yr BP from Kanwar wetland in the Central Ganga Plain. Quaternary Science Reviews     View PDF

Mohd Munazir Chauhan, Sajid Ali, Birendra P. Singh, Vikas Adlakha, Binita Phartiyal, Kamlesh Kumar, Anupam Sharma. 2024. Silicate weathering linked with global climate change along the Mid-Pleistocene transition: A record from the Himalayan foreland Basin, India. Catena     View PDF

Tathagata Chakraborty, Dharmendra Kr Pandey. Sushil K Singh, Binita Phartiyal and Deepak Putrevu. 2024. Characterization of Permafrost Active Layer using Polarimetric SAR and Ground Data over North-Western Indian Himalaya. IEEE India Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (InGARSS) | 979-8-3503-2559-1/23/©2023 IEEE 10.1109/InGARSS59135.2023.10490358     View PDF

Sahoo, M., Murthy, S., Saxena, A., Pillai, S. S. K., & Sahu, S. K. (2024). Significance of palynology in understanding age, palaeoclimate and correlation of Indian Gondwana sediments. In: Samant, B., Thakre, D. (eds) Applications of Palynology in Stratigraphy and Climate Studies. Society of Earth Scientists Series. Springer, Cham. pp 13-38 .     View PDF

Quamar MF, Thakur B, Sharma A, Kumar K, Tiwari P, Tiwari A, Prasad N, Srivastava J, Phartiyal B, Manoj MS, Roy I, Saraf PN, Prasanna K, Ali N, Khan I, Pandey S, Trivedi A. 2024. Biotic and abiotic responses deduced through spatially distinct surface samples to reconstruct palaeoecology and palaeoclimate of the Core Monsoon Zone, central India. Journal of the Palaeontological Society of India 10.1177/05529360241240095     View PDF

Pillai S.S.K., Sebastian R.A., Mathews R.P., Murthy S., Saxena A., Sahoo M., Sahu S.K., Dhingra G.K., 2024. Palaeodepositional environment, implications of Glossopteris flora, and organic matter characteristics from Early Permian Period, Karo OCM, East Bokaro Coalfield, Damodar Basin, India. 1-19     View PDF

Mehrotra N, Shah SK, Kar R. 2024. Palynology: a tool to decipher the impact of anthropogenic activity on palaeo-vegetation - a review based on fossil pollen records from India. In Samanta B, Thakre D. (Eds): Application of Palynology in Stratigraphy and climate studies. Springer. Gewerbestrasse, Switzerland.     View PDF

Quamar MF. 2024. Palynological perspective on understanding climate change in India over the pre-industrial Common Era: a comprehensive review and a critical evaluation. In: In: B. Samant and D. Thakre (eds.), Applications of Palynology in Stratigraphy and Climate Studies, 205-232. Society of Earth Scientists Series, Springer Nature: Switzerland     View PDF

Quamar MF, Mishra AK, Mohanty RB, Kar R. 2024. Implication of Pinus L. pollen abundance for reconstructing the Holocene palaeoclimate from the Himalayas, India. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 326, 105130     View PDF

Ansari, M.A., Ansari, A.H., Mishra, R., Arif, M., Jena, P.S., Dabhi, A., Bhushan, R., Singh, D.P., Maurya, A.S., Das, P.K., Rahi, I.C., Agrawal, S., 2024. Centennial-millennial scale global climate-linked monsoonal and non-monsoonal changes in the eastern Arabian Sea during the last 42,800 years. Marine Geology 472, 107307.     View PDF

Murthy, S., Saxena, A., Pillai, S.S.K., & Gupta, S., (2024). Reappraisal of Permian and Early Triassic Palynoflora and Palynostratigraphy of Son-Mahanadi Basin and Their Climatic Implications. In: Samant, B., Thakre, D. (eds) Applications of Palynology in Stratigraphy and Climate Studies. Society of Earth Scientists Series. Springer, Cham. pp. 39-81     View PDF

Das, N., & Saxena, A., (2024). An Overview of Upper Gondwana Rajmahal Flora and Its Significance. In: Samant, B., Thakre, D. (eds) Applications of Palynology in Stratigraphy and Climate Studies. Society of Earth Scientists Series. Springer, Cham. pp. 83-149.     View PDF

Ranjan, R., Tripathi, S. (2024). Modern Pollen Assemblage and Micro-morphometric Analysis of Arboreal and Non-arboreal Taxa from Lucknow District of Central Ganga Plain, India: A Window to Palaeoclimatic Studies. In: Samant, B., Thakre, D. (eds) Applications of Palynology in Stratigraphy and Climate Studies. Society of Earth Scientists Series. Springer, Cham     View PDF

Global Standard Stratigraphic Age (GSSA) for the Hadean lower boundary. Communication of IUGS Geological Standards     View PDF

Joshi, H. and Aggarwal, N., 2024. Palynological dating and incidence of the fossil Botryococcus in variable pH from the Mesozoic sediments of the Godavari Valley Coalfield, South India: insights in palaeoecology and palaeoenvironment. Environ Earth Sci 83, 218     View PDF

Aggarwal, N., Mishra, D. & Hazra, B. Study on sequence stratigraphy in the Permian sediments of terrestrial sequences within the Chintalapudi sub-basin, Godavari Coalfield, Southern India: insight from palynology and geochemistry. Environ Earth Sci 83, 233 (2024)     View PDF

Pooja Tiwari*, Purnima Srivastava, Biswajeet Thakur*. 2024. Palynofacies and sediment texture response from sub-tropical mixed sub-urban to urban floodplains of the Gomati River, Lucknow, India. International Journal of Sediment Research     View PDF

Aggarwal, N. and Goswami, S. (26 Feb 2024): Tectonic inferences from palynology of Permian sequences of the Godavari Coalfield, southern India, Palynology DOI: 10.1080/01916122.2024.2323730.     View PDF

Joshi, H. and Aggarwal, N., 2024. Palynology of the Upper Gondwana deposits from the Chintalapudi Sub-basin, South India: Insights into age and palaeodepositional settings. Cretaceous Research, 154, 105734     View PDF

Mandal S, Singh A, Banerjee S, Uddandam P, and Negi RS. Linking the impact of seismicity on palaeogeographic evolution and sedimentary architecture: A case study from Middle Jurassic succession of Spiti Himalaya. Geological Magazine     View PDF

Chaddha, A.S.* , Sharma, A.* , Singh, N.K., Shamsad, A., Banerjee, M., 2024, Biotic-abiotic mingle in rock varnish formation: A new perspective, Chemical Geology, 648: 121961     View PDF

Tomar N, Roy I, Shri S, Chinthala BD, Shekhar M, Srivastava A, Ranhotra PS, Singh CP, and Bhattacharyya, A. 2024. Modern pollen dispersal in relation to present vegetation distribution and land use in the Baspa valley, Kinnaur, western Himalayas. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 196(2).194     View PDF

Govind, N., Sahoo, M., Pillai, S.S.K., Sahu, S.K . 2024 IPSD: e-repository of Permian seeds from Indian Lower Gondwana. Acta Palaeobotanica 2023; 63(2): 151-161     View PDF

Sarkar, S., Singh, Y.P., Verma, P. 2024. Paleoecological and paleobiogeographic implications of a seagrass-indicating foralgal skeletal assemblage: Retracing the Burdigalian Quilon Limestone (Kerala Basin, SW India). Marine Micropaleontology 187, 102330.     View PDF

Mohanty RB*, Mishra AK, Mishra K, Yadav AK, Quamar MF, Barua IC, Kar R*. 2024. Early onset of aridity in the past millennium: insights from vegetation dynamics and climate change in the alpine, cold-desert region of Trans Himalaya, India. PLOS ONE 19(1): e0295785     View PDF

Shekhar M, Sharma A, Pandey P, Sharma A, & Dimri AP. (2024). Assessing the past and future dynamics of the Asian summer monsoon: Insights from palaeomonsoon synthesis and CMIP6 data. Global Environmental Change Advances, 2, 100004     View PDF

Prasad N, Quamar MF. 2023. Modern pollen-vegetation relationship from the Mahasamund District (Chhattisgarh), central India: implications in palaeoecological reconstruction. Grana     View PDF

Farooqui S, Quamar MF, Farooqui A, Agnihotri R & Khan S 2023. Palyno–morphological and isotopic characterization of monofloral and multifloral honeys from Lucknow, India. Journal of Palaeosciences 72(2): 91–118.     View PDF

Pillai, S.S.K.,Manoj, M.C., Mathew, R.P., Murthy, S., Sharma, A., Sahoo, M., Saxena, A., Pradhan, S., and Kumar, S. (2023). Lower Permian Gondwana sequence of Rajhara (Daltonganj Coalfield), Damodar Basin, India: Floristic and geochemical records and their implications on marine ingressions and depositional environment. Environmental Geochemistry and Health     View PDF

Basumatary, S. K., van Asperen, E. N., McDonald, H. G., Tripathi, Swati, & Gogoi, R. (2023). Pollen and non-pollen palynomorph depositional patterns in Kaziranga National Park, India: Implications for palaeoecology and palaeoherbivory analysis. The Holocene     View PDF

Murthy, S., Saxena, A., Khnagar, R., Pillai, S.S.K., Uhl, D., Singh, V.P., Gupta, S., & Borkar, N., (2023). Palynofloristics and wildfire evidence from the Permian deposits of the Satpura Gondwana Basin, India: A multiproxy approach. Historical Biology, 1-22.     View PDF

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