Component No. Component Title Personnel
Component 3.1 Integrative palynological, magneto-stratigraphic, and sedimentological studies of selected Deccan volcano-sedimentary sections of Peninsular India: implications for age, palaeoclimate, palaeobiogeography and Mohd. Arif (Scientist B) Vandana Prasad (Scientist F) Arvind K. Singh (Scientist B) Vivesh Vir Kapur (Scientist C) Shreya Mishra (BSRA - On joining)
Component 3.2 Biostratigraphy and palaeoclimate of early Palaeogene lignite bearing sequences of Rajasthan and coal bearing sequences of Meghalaya using integrated biotic and abiotic approaches. Vandana Prasad (Scientist F) Anupam Sharma (Scientist F) Manoj M.C. (Scientist C)
Component 3.3 Geological and climatic evolution of Palaeogene sequence of Jaisalmer and Barmer basins, Rajasthan, India based on geochemical and sedimentological studies. Arvind K. Singh (Scientist B) Gurumurthy G.P. (Scientist B) Mohd. Arif (Scientist B)
Component 3.4 Reconstruction of Palaeogene palaeoenvironment and palaeobiogeography of northwestern India based on plant mega-remains. Anumeha Shukla (Scientist C)
Component 3.5 The Palaeogene climate and vegetation of Assam and Meghalaya based on plant mega-remains – A quantitative approach. Gaurav Srivastava (Scientist C)
Component 3.6 Integrated biostratigraphy of Cenozoic succession of Gujarat, India: implications on palaeoenviromental and palaeoclimatic reconstruction. Poonam Verma (Scientist D) Abha Singh (Scientist C)
Component 3.7 Organic composition and source rock characteristics and their relationship with the depositional environments based on organic petrographical and geochemical aspects from Birsingser and Jalipa lignite bearing sequences, Rajasthan Runcie Paul Mathews (Scientist C)
Component 3.8 Analysis of amber biota from early Palaeogene sedimentary sequence of Gujarat and Rajasthan basins: biostratigraphic, palaeoclimatic and palaeoecological perspectives Hukam Singh (Scientist D)
Component 3.9 Palaeogene fauna from centeral and western India: palaeobiogeographic and allied aspects. Vivesh Vir Kapur (Scientist C) Prasanna K. (Scientist B)