Component No. Component Title Personnel
Component 5.1 Holocene climatic history of the Lahaul Valley with special reference to anthropogenic impact on high-altitude vegetation. Ratan Kar (Scientist E)
Component 5.2 Exploring the Holocene climate variability over the eastern Himalaya, India using modern vegetation - climate relationships Ruby Ghosh (Scientist D) Shailesh Agrawal (Scientist C)
Component 5.3 Vegetational succession in response to the Holocene climate variability in Sirmaur and Bilaspur districts, Himachal Pradesh. Anjali Trivedi (Scientist D)
Component 5.4 Tree-Ring based climate reconstruction of the Eastern Himalaya: A spatio-temporal perspective of multi-decadal variability. Santosh K. Shah (Scientist D)
Component 5.5 Tree-Ring based late Holocene climate records and ecological response of trees from Western Himalaya, India. Krishna Gopal Misra (Scientist D) Rajesh Agnihotri (Scientist E)
Component 5.6 Altitudinal variation in vegetation in relation to climate during Holocene in Meghalaya. S.K. Basumatary (Scientist D)
Component 5.7 Response of vegetation to the Holocene climatic changes and anthropogenic induced changes across Barak Valley of Assam, northeast India. Swati Tripathi (Scientist C)
Component 5.8 Analyzing the Holocene vegetation and monsoonal dynamics of the Western Himalaya, based on lacustrine and tree ring archives. P.S. Ranhotra (Scientist D) Ruby Ghosh (Scientist D) Mayank Shekhar (BSRA)