Component No. Component Title Personnel
Component 8.1 Holocene climatic variations in Tethyan and Trans Himalayas with reference to local, regional and global forcings: a multiproxy approach. Binita Phartiyal (Scientist E) Anupam Sharma (Scientist F) Debrati Nag (BSRA)
Component 8.2 Glacier response to Holocene ISM and NEWM variability from higher Himalaya, Sikkim: Understanding the driving mechanism. Sheikh Nawaz Ali (Scientist C) P. Morthekai (Scientist C)
Component 8.3 Compilation and quantification of climate proxy datasets of western India during Holocene. Trina Bose (Scientist B) Binita Phartiyal (Scientist E)
Component 8.4 Indian Summer Monsoon (ISM) variability during Holocene, evidence from Mahi River Basin, mainland Gujarat, India: using multiproxy studies. Kamlesh Kumar (Scientist C) Shilpa Pandey (Scientist C)
Component 8.5 Ascertaining cause(s) for abandonment of Korkai and Kayal ports in the southeastern coast of India. P. Morthekai (Scientist C) Sheikh Nawaz Ali (Scientist C)
Component 8.6 Holocene sedimentation and associated palaeoenvironmental changes in western Great Rann of Kachchh (GRK) Basin, western India. Niteshkumar N. Khonde (Scientist B) Gurumurthy G.P. (Scientist B)
Component 8.7 Indian summer monsoon rainfall (ISMR) variability during the Holocene: stable carbon isotope based transfer-function approach. Shailesh Agrawal (Scientist C) Sheikh Nawaz Ali (Scientist C)