Component No. Component Title Personnel
Component 9.1 Palaeoethnobotany: Ancient man, plants and environment in northern and north western India: studies of botanical remains from the Neolithic-Chalcolithic site at Agaibir, Mirzapur District, Uttar Pradesh. Anil K. Pokharia (Scientist E) Anjali Trivedi (Scientist D) Deepika Tripathi (BSRA)
Component 9.2 Reconstructing past agronomic conditions, crop evolution, craft culture, domestic and industrial human activities using multi isotopic and geochemical tracers from archaeological material. Rajesh Agnihotri (Scientist E) Anjum Farooqui (Scientist F) Niraj Rai (Scientist C) Niteshkumar N. Khonde (Scientist B)
Component 9.3 Reconstructing the population history of South Asia using palaeogenomics. Niraj Rai (Scientist C) Kamlesh Singh Mahar (BSRA
Component 9.4 Role of human-environment interaction in tracing urbanization in different sectors of Ganga Plain: geochemical and metagenomics approach. Anupam Sharma (Scientist F) Kamlesh Kumar (Scientist C) Niraj Rai (Scientist C) Sandhya Mishra (BSRA)