Component No. Component Title Personnel
Component 10.1 Palaeotemperature reconstruction- Alkenone and foraminifera elemental ratio approach. Manoj M.C. (Scientist C) Pawan Govil (Scientist D)
Component 10.2 Luminescence chronology for the dose-rate assumptions violated sites. P. Morthekai (Scientist C) Sheikh Nawaz Ali (Scientist C)
Component 10.3 Establishment of Laboratory to extract and analyse Tree-Ring cellulose isotope data. Trina Bose (Scientist B) Krishna Gopal Mishra (Scientist D)
Component 10.4 Protocols development (R&D) for new proxy parameters, up-gradation and functioning of TL/OSL and Geochemistry lab. Anupam Sharma (Scientist F) Pawan Govil (Scientist D) Shailesh Agrawal (Scientist C) Kamlesh Kumar (Scientist C) Sheikh Nawaz Ali (Scientist C) P. Morthekai (Scientist C) Manoj M.C. (Scientist C) Runcie Paul Mathews (Scientist C)
Component 10.5 Upgradation and smooth functioning of BSIP’s Radiocarbon dating facility along with stable isotope measurement facility: Research and Development. Rajesh Agnihotri (Scientist E)
Component 10.6 Establishment of Palaeo-Informatics Unit & Digitization of fossils displayed in BSIP Museum. Amit K. Ghosh (Scientist F) Sanjai K. Singh (Tech. Officer B) Nilay Govind (Tech. Assistant E)