Component No. Component Title Personnel
Component 1.1 Palaeobiological remains of the Vindhyans and their Significance in Understanding the Meso-Neoproterozoic biosphere evolution. Mukund Sharma (Scientist G), Veeru Kant Singh (Scientist D), S.K. Pandey (Scientist C), Arif H. Ansari (Scientist C), Yogmaya Shukla (Scientist C)
Component 1.2 Molecular oxygen dynamics and their possible role in evolution and diversification of Mesoproterozoic eukaryotes: A case study from the Black Shales of the Proterozoic Chhattisgarh Supergroup, India. Veeru Kant Singh (Scientist D) Mukund Sharma (Scientist G) Arif H. Ansari (Scientist C) Shamim Ahmed (BSRA)
Component 1.3 Palaeobiological and geochemical investigation of the Neoproterozoic Bhander Group, central and western India. S.K. Pandey (Scientist C) Mukund Sharma (Scientist G) Arif H. Ansari (Scientist C)
Component 1.4 Signatures of early life: Evidence from Archaean sediments of India and implication for Astrobiological studies. Yogmaya Shukla (Scientist B) Mukund Sharma (Scientist G)
Component 1.5 Evolution of marine trace metal and carbon inventory during the Precambrian: implications on ocean-atmosphere evolution. Gurumurthy G.P. (Scientist B) Arvind K. Singh (Scientist B) Niteshkumar N. Khonde (Scientist B) Mohd. Arif (Scientist B)