Component No. Component Title Personnel
Component 2.1 Floral diversity, vegetational and depositional history and their palaeoenvironmental implications inferred from the Permian sequence of the Son-Mahanadi Basin, India. Anju Saxena (Scientist D) Srikanta Murthy (Scientist D)
Component 2.2 Floral evolution in Lower Gondwana sediments of South Rewa and Satpura Gondwana basins, Madhya Pradesh: Basinal correlation and implications in biostratigraphy, palaeoecology and phytogeography. Deepa Agnihotri (Scientist C) S. Suresh Kumar Pillai (Scientist D)
Component 2.3 Palaeofloral and biomarker analyses to reconstruct the Lower Gondwana palaeoenviroment and palaeoclimate of Rajmahal and Damodar basins S. Suresh Kumar Pillai (Scientist D) Runcie Paul Mathews (Scientist C) Srikanta Murthy (Scientist D)
Component 2.4 Palynostratigraphy, Palaeoenvironment and evidence of Palaeo-wildfire from late Palaeozoic of Rajmahal and Damodar basins. Srikanta Murthy (Scientist D) Anju Saxena (Scientist D) S. Suresh Kumar Pillai (Scientist D) Saurabh Gautam (BSRA)
Component 2.5 Palynostratigraphy and Palaeo-environmental studies of the late Permian sediments of the Godavari Basin Neha Aggarwal (Scientist C) Biswajeet Thakur (Scientist D)
Component 2.6 Palynological studies in the late Palaeozoic sequence of Maharashtra State, central India: its global implications Pauline Sabina K. (Scientist D) Gurumurthy G.P. (Scientist B)
Component 2.7 Biotic and climatic changes across Permian-Triassic sequences in Peninsular India. Amit K. Ghosh (Scientist F) Ratan Kar (Scientist E
Component 2.8 OAEs (Oceanic Anoxic Events) studies based on calcareous nannofossils, sedimentary organic matter, geochemical and isotopic characterization of Mesozoic sediments from the Kachchh Basin and Spiti Valley. Abha Singh (Scientist C) Poonam Verma (Scientist D) Rajesh Agnihotri (Scientist E) Shailesh Agrawal (Scientist C)
Component 2.9 Early Cretaceous Palaeofloristics of South Rewa Gondwana Basin: Its Phytogeographical and Palaeoecological implications. Neeru Prakash (Scientist F) Neelam (Scientist C)